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Give it to me straight: The quick vape facts you need.

Take a look. You won’t like what you see. Check out the full article for all the facts.

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Nicotine is especially unsafe for younger people.

That means you. Your brain is still developing until you’re around 25. Nicotine is especially harmful to brains that aren’t done growing yet. It can hurt your attention span, make learning more difficult, affect your mood, and lower your impulse control.

Everyone’s talking about mental health these days. And nicotine can hurt it.

When you try to quit, you can get irritable, anxious, or depressed, and have trouble concentrating. A lot of youth go back to vaping to ease those symptoms. If it sounds like a vicious cycle, that’s because it is.

Those aren’t the only risks, either.

Some ingredients in vape liquid can hurt the lungs long-term.

Defective e-cig batteries have caught fire, exploded, and even injured and killed people.

Leaving vape pods and e-cig liquid around can be deadly to small kids who don’t know any better, because highly concentrated nicotine is poisonous when ingested.

Vapes ... aren’t.

Compared with regular smoke, vapor doesn’t sound so bad, does it? Except it’s not water vapor — it’s actually aerosolized chemicals. And nicotine is only one of them.

They’re making you their guinea pig.

Tobacco companies haven’t been allowed to market to youth for decades. But just because they can’t directly talk to you doesn’t mean they can’t reach you. Fruit, candy, and menthol flavors are designed to be easy to vape and appeal to younger users like you. Don’t take the bait.